Sagol faculty


Prof. Shai Efrati

Research & Development unit, Hyperbaric instituted, Assaf-Harofeh Medical Center

Tel: 08-9779393/5



Research topic: Hyperbaric oxygen and Neuroplasticity

Research methods: Hyperbaric chamber at Assaf-Harofeh medical center. Combination of anatomical and metabolic imaging of the brain. Clinical and neurocognitive functions tests.

Projects in the lab include:

  1. Hyperbaric oxygen for post stroke patients
  2. Hyperbaric oxygen for post traumatic brain injury, post concussion syndrome.
  3. Hyperbaric oxygen and neurocognitive function in different brain disorders (mild cognitive impairments, early stages of Alzheimer)
  4. Hyperbaric oxygen and chronic pain syndromes (Fibromyalgia)