Sagol faculty


Prof. Nathan Dascal

Dept. of Physiology and Pharmacology, Sackler School of Medicine

Tel: 03-6405743; 052-6000995



Research topics: molecular mechanisms of neuronal excitability, signal transduction by neurotransmitters, and their relation to human disease.

Research methods: Electrophysiology, Protein Biochemistry, Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET), Single Molecule Biophysics and Imaging, Molecular biology, Mathematical and Kinetic Modeling and Simulation, Immunocytochemistry

Projects in the lab:

  1. Molecular mechanisms of function and regulation of G protein activated K+ channels (GIRK) and neuronal Ca2+ channels (Cav2) in health and disease.
  2. The diverse coupling of G protein-coupled receptors with G proteins and effectors in heterologous expression systems and in nerve cells.
  3. Molecular mechanisms of bipolar disorder (manic-depression disorder) and schizophrenia: Relation between neuronal function, ion channels, drugs and disorders’ genetics. Collaboration with:Prof. Bernard Attali, Sagol School of Neuroscience
  4. Na channel mutations and infantile epilepsy (Dravet syndrome): from clinic to lab bench and back. Collaboration with: Dr. Andreea Nissenkorn, Pediatric Neurology Unit, Safra Children’s Hosptial, Sheba Medical Center