Sagol faculty


Prof. Ari Barzilai

Dept. of Neurobiology, George S. Wise Faculty Life Sciences

Tel: 03-6409782



Research topic: Analyzing the effects of mal-functioning DNA damage response on the functionality of the neuro-glio-vascular units in brain diseases. Molecular mechanisms of optic nerve degeneration and regeneration.

Research methods: Various types of biochemical and molecular biological methodologies. Confocal microscopy. Model simulation, Multi electrode array recording, Immunohistochemistry, Behavioral tests. Dissociated tissue cultures and cerebellar organotypic cultures. Optical calcium imaging. Optic nerve microsurgery. The use of nano-technology and nano materials in optic nerve regeneration.

Main projects in the lab include:

  1. The role of mal-functioning DNA damage response on neuro-glio-vasuclar functionality
  2. The effects of DNA damage on neural network activity and calcium metabolism
  3. The role of semaphorins in retinopathies and optic nerve degeneration and regeneration
  4. The use of nano-technology and smart nano-materials in functional optic nerve regeneration