B.Sc. programs

Dual degree in Biomedical Engineering and Biology

Dual degree in Biomedical Engineering and Biology with an emphasis on neuroscience

The program is intended for outstanding candidates interested in the life sciences and brain research, have a tendency to engineering and technology and to exact sciences (mathematics, physics, computers).
The purpose of the program is to train graduates with an understanding of engineering and biology with emphasis in neuroscience. Graduates of the program will be able to continue to Master of PhD in engineering or biology (neuroscience or in other areas and in universities in Israel and abroad), or in the fields of bio – tech, high – tech and engineering.
Brain research requires understanding and use of biological techniques and advanced methods in engineering, computation, mathematics and physics. These methods are used in a variety of biological and medical applications, and integration of knowledge from biology and engineering by graduates of the program can be lead to the next breakthroughs in neuroscience.

The curriculum is a four – year program and is based on undergraduate curricula in biomedical engineering and biology. Overlap in the studies of these two degrees allows the completion of a full degree in each field. Program will consist of courses in mathematics, physics and engineering (given in Engineering Faculty) and courses in biology (given at the Faculty of Life Sciences). In addition, specialized courses in neuroscience will be given in conjunction with a number of faculties on campus. In the advanced years (3rd-4th) unique courses that deal with mathematical and physical methods for Brain Research (biophysics, neural computation, imaging technologies, recording brain activity) are offered, including a multi-disciplinary research project between the two faculties.

For more information please contact rotemgl@tauex.tau.ac.il and +972-3-6409039