Double Major Program in Biology and in Linguistics

B.Sc. In a Double Major Program in Biology and in Linguistics with an emphasis on Neuroscience

The combined program in Biology and Linguistics with emphasis on brain sciences is a new, special B.Sc. track for excellent students interested in the domain of neurobiology of language including neurolinguistics (the investigation of the neural basis of the human language faculty) and the genetics of language.

The program offers courses in neurobiology, neuroanatomy, the structure and function of the nervous system, genetics and evolution, as well as in-depth courses in the various subfields of theoretical linguistics, e.g., syntax, phonology and semantics. In addition, it includes designated courses that concentrate on models constructing brain maps for linguistic knowledge as well as on cutting-edge technologies used in the field: electrophysical and imaging techniques (EEG, fMRI) and behavioral measures (such as reaction time, and self-paced reading). Already in their second year, students will be able to become part of research projects run in labs associated with the school of neuroscience.

Students will acquire in-depth knowledge in biology, brain science, and theoretical linguistics as a first step towards an academic career or in order to get integrated into research and development of artificial intelligence, treatment programs of language disorders, and juxtaposed domains.

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