Double Major Program in Biology and in Psychology

B.Sc. In a Double Major Program in Biology and in Psychology with an emphasis on Neuroscience

The prestigious undergraduate program in Biology and Psychology with an emphasis on Brain Sciences, which was the first of its kind in Israel, is already in its 12th year and attracts the top undergraduate students on campus (60 each year). It provides an excellent education in neuroscience as well as extensive research experience.

The B.Sc. program offers in-depth courses on the fundamentals of modern molecular and cellular neurobiology, as well as on the structure and operation of the nervous system, cognitive and behavioral aspects, and the mechanisms of neurological and psychiatric diseases and possible treatment directions. In their second year of study, bachelor’s students are already enrolling in neuroscience projects, which involve active participation in projects and experiments in diverse fields ranging from molecular neuroscience to functional MRI in human and translational neuroscience.

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