Academic position

Academic position

Call  for applicants

The Sagol school of neuroscience and the faculty of engineering call for applicants for a tenure track position in the faculty of engineering with affiliation to the Sagol school of neuroscience. This call is relevant to all schools and departments within the faculty of engineering (including electrical eng., mechanical eng., biomedical eng., material eng. and industrial eng.).

Applicants must hold a Ph.D in engineering and be past post-doctorate studies (or equivalent research) focusing on implementing engineering tools to solve research questions in neuroscience.

Specific topics may include, but are not limited to:

1. Transport processes in the neural tissue
2. Imaging the brain and image processing  
3. Brain Stimulation devices  
4. Artificial intelligence representation of brain function
5. Development of devices and methods for the study of brain disorders.
6. Development of prostheses and other means of neural interface.


Suitable applicants should send their CVs along with publication record and research statement (up to 4 pages) to:

Yulia Agranat; until January 15th, 2018